Because our name, BATANAI, means "togetherness" amongst the team and the artists, it is important that we blend the Traditional Culture value systems of Africa with the business venture. Traditional Healers, sometimes called Sangomas, are talented people who have a deep and positive understanding of the value systems involved in African Culture.

We have deliberately become involved in the African Culture and have taken time over the years to develop our understanding of African Culture and the amazing values we have discovered. Through this we have discovered the Spirit of African and the people we work with, and developed a great respect for the intrinsic tribal and traditional values that African people have in their communities from caring for each other, sharing their visions and dreams amongst the tribe and village. All these aspects are often ignored in todays world, but will amaze those who decide to penetrate beyond the "first impressions" and who come to understand what is real and what is genuine.


Chief Dr Richard Kutela and Suzi Nosizwe, both Traditional Healers, at the BATANAI opening ceremony in Rosebank, Johannesburg. To become a Traditional Healer requires many years of study and understanding of the cultures.

Our Traditional Healers

The combination of cultures and the blending that is such a positive aspect today of South Africa exists in many people, and Richard and Suzi are both actively helping African people to deal with todays world.

Chief Dr Richard Kutela is a Naturopath and highly respected Traditional Healer, a Priest with a massive congregation, advisor to many leaders in South Africa, the founder of the Sasa-SA-Salute School of Traditional Medicine and Traditional Folk Lore. He also provides charity and leadership to several communities.

Suzi Nosizwe is one of the few but growing number of people who have elected to get deeply involved in Africa and todays world of multi racial peoples living in harmony in South Arica.


In the background wearing the stylish red shirts are some of the Batani Team.

Dr Michael and Nosizwe are preparing for the blessing of the Team, using traditional herbs, candles and the essential accroutements of the ceremony.

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 preperation small

 Richard Kutela


Dr Richard adressing the many visitors gathered at the ceremony sharing his wisdom and cultural knowledge with all of us.

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Paul, the BATANAI team leader, engrossed in blending the ceremonial Isilawu herbal medicine.

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Mixing the ceremonial medicines



Ceremonial blessing with the Isilawu.

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Dr Richard burning the ancient herb Imphepo used in many African countries and cultures to invite peace and blessings.

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 Dr Richard




A superb closeup of Suzi deep in concentration. Suzi speaks several African languages and has participated in many aspects of developing knowledge in community based education for most of her adult life.

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A superb closeup of Richard also deep in concentration.

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Richrd concentrating

blowing the horn


Blowing the traditional ceremonial horn takes a lot of effort - surprisingly hard to do!

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Just a few of the guests at the ceremony enjoying the experiance of African culture.


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 inside shop


Dr Richard and Suzi bless the shop and artwork, creating great well-being for the venture.


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Keeping with our tradition and following of African Culture, we enjoyed a second ceremony at our new premises, a larger facility with more space and artwork to meet our growing business.


Suzi, Paul, the Team and Artists all took part in the candle ceremony.


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Deco celebration



All the artists and the Team gave a short talk to our guests about their art and purpose with BATANAI. Here Paul is introducing Tony Cande, and Tony surprised us all by singing instead of talking. In addition to being an Artist, Tony is also a  choirmaster.


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The stone circle has the names of Artists and Team, one name on each stone, symbolising the spirit of BATANAI - togetherness.


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The stone circle

 Fanie and Tawanda


Father and Son: Fanuel with his son Tawanda, fabulous Master Artist and superb Team Members.


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Leonard, who makes wonderful beaded flowers which many of our customers admire and purchase - the flowers never die!


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 team and fascinated guests



Some of the Team ( Felix, Fanuel, Tawanda) with a few of our fascinated guests in the background.


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Fanuel Mutemasango, our best Master Artist, discussing The Rythm Totem, a superb and fascinating expression of images in a single piece of art that invites continual discovery.


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 Suzi and Gemma



Suzi with her favourite niece Gemma attending to the ceremony candle.


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There are many similaraties in religions and belief systems. We have shown the dress stlye of Traditional Healers with the additional beading and clothing, the use of herbs and incense, the use of candles, and so on. This is a natural part of the Traditional Healers ceremony, those who have studied and worked intensely with African culture.