Art is appreciated throughout the world. Quality and Originality is always appreciated by art lovers.

Despite the economic changes in business investment, Art continues to keep its value. Although some art has depreciated during economic downturns, the shrinkage is less than many share prices. 

Investing in quality is a true investment, and the correct choices will improve in value over time.

The uniqueness of African Art is the originality of the work, particularly when dealing with Masterpieces of Shona created art. Here you will find an absolutely unique range of art that is truly special in character and style. The "spirit of the stone" mixed with "the soul of the artist".

At BATANI we focus on quality and originalty, aspects that our many clients enjoy, so when you purchase BATANAI art you have the comfort of lasting quality for your appreciation, as well as the opportunity of growth in value.

Some masterpieces have increased in value over 20 years more than 40 times their original prices, both rare and wonderful for the art lovers. Not all art will increase like this, and a percentage can be around 15% to 20% per year. Compare this with share prices, and you will find that certain art can outperform shares. It depends on what you buy.

Why should you buy Shona Art?

In the field of contemporary African arts, Shona stone sculpture is renowned for visual quality, and for showcasing individual artists.
Contemporary sculptors keep inventing variations of traditional techniques, and experimenting with new types of stone .

The first rule of any art purchase is: love what you are buying.

The beauty of the stone allow Shona pieces to represent people, animals, plants, and social values with emotional expressiveness and creative elegance. Buying Shona sculpture, you will be buying an authentic contemporary artwork.

Before you buy, do a little research. Learn about types of stone, Serpentine, Leopard rock, Butter Jade, Springstone, Rapocco, and African Stone

The Batanai website is a great tool for such research,  By learning more about Shona stone sculpture and the market, you will be able to select a piece that will bring you lasting pleasure.

Shona pieces have a commanding visual presence, even when they are of a relatively small size.

Now let the fun begin!

Visit our Showroom or our Website, create your own gallery and discover the perfect piece for you.