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About The Artist

t. m. gidi

Born 23rd June 1953 in Buhera District Zimbabwe, married with five children. Started school at the age of 8, but my love for art started before. I remember when I was looking after the herd of cattle, I use to mould some sculptures using clay and mud.

I attend school at Chiturike School in Buhera up to standard 3 and completed standard 6 at Machacha school in Buhera. One teacher sported my love for art and encouraged me to take it seriously.

In 1969 my late brother Milton Tongoona Gidi took me to Victoria Falls Craft Village, where I worked as a trainee sculptor. I worked their 3 years. In 1972 I went to Cannan Patson Art Centre in Harare. A year later I moved to Batonga Craft Village in Kariba. In 1974 I was recommend to carve the Nyami-Nyami River God which is at the Kariba gorge.

I went back to Victoria Falls. I worked for 2 years at Sopers Curious, then I went to Sondela Exports in Bulawayo. In 1978 I was send to Botswana by Sondela to open branch under the name Ivory Products.. From there I went for an exhibition in West Germany in 1984. M.P.S offered me a job as a teacher sculptor for the local people in Bophuthatswana from 1987. Later I worked for Papatso Curious in the same country from 1989-1995. After that I joined Casper Darare under “Casper’s” Carvings.

I specializes in heads figures and Shona art in Butter Jade, Verdite, wood and Wonder Stone. Till now I am at Caspers’s Carvings in South Africa

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Height: 22.00 cm
Width: 8.00 cm
Length: 12.00 cm
Weight: 2.50 kg


  • heads
  • stone
  • africastone