Lion & Lioness (pair)

The most impressive of Africa’s species, the lion is a creature of great power and the most respected animal in Africa. The male lion is recognised as the King of Africa.

Lions are the only 'social' cats, whereby related female lions live together and form groups called 'prides'. Lion prides are family groups with all of the females related, mothers and daughters, sisters and cousins
Lionesses are 44 inches in height, and have no mane around their neck.
The lion exists in prides with a strong social bonding and team spirit that ensures their success in hunting and survival as a family.

The call of a Lion at night is one of the most unforgettable sounds of the African bush, a sound of calling the family together.

About The Artist

david sibanda

I made this pair in 1990, when I had a limited amount of really great Verdite stone to work with, so this is a rare pair of animals balanced in their proportions and shape. A pair of lions like this are a husband and wife couple, although the male may have more wives this female is definitely his favourite.

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Height: 19.00 cm
Width: 20.00 cm
Length: 42.00 cm
Weight: 14.00 kg


  • stone
  • animals
  • verdite green