Mwanasikana (Young girl)

This piece is the wonderful study of a woman’s pride and beauty.
The graceful posture emphasises the beauty of youth and the blending of modern society with traditional lifestyles and values.

About The Artist

casper darare

Casper Darare was South African of Shona descent. At the early age he developed a keen interest in stone carving and was nine years old when he began working as a washer and polisher for a local carver, a traditional way to introduce young artists to the feel and touch of stone artwork.

On leaving school Casper worked and studied under the renowned mute Shona sculptor, Shadu Chatsamer, and quickly establishing himself as one of Southern Africa’s best known representational sculptors. Working originally in Verdite, Casper became the first sculptor to use Africastone. Casper’s strength was in his amazing ability to create human figures of great expression, sensibility, mood and beauty. He had a truly unique talent.

Since the early 1970’s Casper’s work has been exhibited in major Southern African Galleries and he has collected an award as South Africa’s best sculptor. Foreign exhibitions include USA, Holland, The United Kingdom and Singapore. Casper’s work is recognised and sought after worldwide by collectors. Queen Elizabeth’s collection includes two of his pieces.

Sadly Casper passed away in June 2001 after a short illness.

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Height: 30.00 cm
Width: 12.00 cm
Length: 20.00 cm
Weight: 10.00 kg


  • heads
  • africastone