Bottlenose Dolphin is commonly known for its friendly character and curiosity towards humans immersed in or near water.
They communicate with body movements and with sounds they produce using six air sacs near their blowhole
The myth of the dolphins enchants us. It is said, that they bring luck to the sailors, rescue castaway, like our music and build up friendly relations with humans.

Direct interaction with dolphins is used in the therapy of severely handicapped children.

About The Artist


Alec specialises in stone sculptures, working in Opal Stone, and Springstone. He loves to create pieces illustrating an African people and the African animals.

To give a greater depth of expression to his art, Alec chooses to work with Springstone for its radiant sheen and rich colouring.

Black Springstone is unusual and particularly fine-grained. Because of the hardness, this rock has a clear ring under the sculptor’s chisel. Using Springstone challenges the artist’s talent and skills to create pieces that enhance the real beauty and contours of the stone.

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Height: 138.00 cm
Width: 47.00 cm
Length: 27.00 cm
Weight: 90.00 kg


  • opal
  • animals