Spriritual Freedom

In this abstract, Matafi shows the freedom and serenity embodied in gentle curves that explore the elegant posture of the soaring bird.

“Spiritual Freedom” is a wonderful study of the joy and gratification of connecting the spirit and energy of nature.

This graceful abstract is a superb demonstration of artist talents and visions, and particularly his wonderful exuberance.

About The Artist

washington matafi

Washington Matafi was born on the 22nd  of July 1981 in rural Wedza. He started Stone carving with a well known third generation artist Elvis Mamvura in the year 2000. He started as an assistant, polishing and finishing Mamvura’s work. After six months of learning he quickly developed his own style which differs to any other artists. His work was begin to attract attention and he began to sell sculptures. In 2002 Matafi started to take his peaces to Chitungwize arts center and in 2003 he joined the center. He could work bigger pieces and his cousin keep encouraging him to experiment and be creative. Matafi introduces his work of knots (rops) and twisting wires into into sculpture. In January 2006 Washington was one of the finalist of the Young sculpture award 2006.
His works are found and exhibited in many galleries local and international (USA, Holland, and Germany). On September 22nd he won the first price for the exhibition entitled creativity and originality sculptor award 2006.

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Height: 121.00 cm
Width: 25.00 cm
Length: 58.00 cm
Weight: 120.00 kg


  • stone
  • animals
  • opal stone