The rhino is also known as the Fire Watcher and will stamp out fires, and many campers have experienced this unusual characteristic of this animal.

In spite of their bulk and short stubby legs, Rhino can run remarkably fast, but only for very short distances.

Open and bushy Savannah with trees for cover is the Rhinos home. They live in small groups consisting of a leader male, other males, females and juveniles.

About The Artist

zenzo moyo

Zenzo's work is best when he illustrates animals in their natural surroundings, He loves creating pieces exploring a vivid movement and action of the animals in struggle for the survival.

His carving is done exclusively in Iron Wood, an exceptionally heavy and durable African wood. This wood is naturally resistant to insects, and carving Iron Wood requires both skill and patience. The strength of Iron Wood allows finer detailing than is only possible with this class of wood.

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Height: 32.00 cm
Width: 29.00 cm
Length: 59.00 cm
Weight: 9.80 kg


  • animals
  • wood
  • ironwood