Charging Elephant

The elephant is one of the most impressive animals on earth.

The long trunk is capable of powerful twisting and coiling movements used for tearing down trees and foraging. Tusks grow for most of an elephant's lifetime and are an indicator of age.

They can be extremely destructive in their feeding habits by pushing over trees, pulling them up by their roots or breaking off branches, to access the succulent roots, the young growth from the top and the bark of the tree. 

About The Artist

zenzo mpofu

Mpofu specializes in animals carved in Ironwood and his passion is an elephant.

Iron Wood is an exceptionally heavy and strong African wood, and only carefully selected pieces are used to create the best pieces quality of work.

Carvings are treated with ancient Chinese oil (tung oil) to create a natural barrier against water and temperature changes.

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Height: 29.50 cm
Width: 29.00 cm
Length: 47.00 cm
Weight: 3.00 kg


  • animals
  • wood
  • ironwood