Working mother

Women, mothers, have many roles to play in life.

Fanie expresses these multiple roles in this piece where the woman is undoubtedly a hard worker - note the shape of the posterior, typical of an African woman who has spent much time in the fields.

Lover, provider and carer, this piece shows a caring and loving woman with a child in her arms, also illustrating childbearing. Below this is a bucket for drawing water, the epitome of the working mother.

About The Artist

fanie mutemasango

Fanuel Mutemasango is a South African of Shona descent. He was born 1957 in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Fanuel specialises in abstract stone sculptures, working in Verdite and Africa Stone.

Verdite is a beautiful semi-precious stone with veiny appearance and immense hardness, and is frequently used for formal work such as heads and busts, and selected abstracts.

To meet the demands of flowing sculptures and to give greater depth of expression in his abstract art, Fanie uses Africa Stone, which has the best characteristics to meet his spirit of expression.

“If the grain and structure of the stones are carefully observed and worked on, arches and flowing lines can be carved without structurally weakening the work. When polished, a smooth lustrous finish is obtained, or the surface can be carved to achieve various desired effects”.

Mother Nature is a powerful source of inspiration for Fanuel, and he uses the mountains, clouds and surrounding landscape, seeking guidance and inspiration in the forms and flows of nature.

When inspiration strikes, Fanuel is transformed into a man possessed by an extreme urgency to transform his visions and passions into reality. Using a chipping hammer, he rough-shapes the stone block after having carefully studied its structure. The work is then further shaped with smaller chipping hammers and chisels.

Fanuel is renowned for his pieces depicting people, in particular the family and children. His sculptures on this theme often feature people with hands joined, flowing twists and arches, symbolising the graceful harmony and unity of people and families that exist in the world.

Other sculptures explore the world of animal unity, creating art that has many dimensions to view and explore, taking the observer into Fanie’s world of creative thinking and talent, while leaving the individual to find their own interpretations.

His work often challenges the observer, exploring the depth of emotions and spirit of people and animals. His personal Totem is the elephant, and this often appears in subtle forms in his work.

In this exhibition each piece has been illustrated showing the different aspects of each piece with Fanie’s words describing his passions and views. His love of people and the family, his joy and understanding of the richness of the family spirit, stands out clearly as a reminder to us all of the values Fanie believes in.

Although based in the African tradition of family life and harmony with nature, these values are as just as meaningful to all people of the world, regardless of colour, creed or religion, and are a continual reminder of values that are eternal.

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Height: 56.50 cm
Width: 9.00 cm
Length: 16.00 cm
Weight: 3.00 kg


  • stone
  • abstract
  • africastone