victor matafi

I, Victor Matafi was born in Hwedza in 1983 and grow up there. I was educated at St Henry’s in Hwedza and come up with better results. After school I stayed at home with my parents, helping in the field. I completed my Ordinary level in 1999.

My introduction to stone sculpting come from my brother Washi. That was in September 2003 when I was at the age of 20.

In February 2002 I created my first piece. Now I can create and sell some of my pieces and could remember “The Angels”, “The sorrowful mother” and “The twin sister” and “The wild dancer”.
I believe that I am now art minded and will produce sculptures that are of great interest to me and clients.
I believe that art was unborn talent in me.
I have sold my sculptures in different  countries, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Holland, USA.
I am specialised in abstracts forms, figurative.

Artwork by victor matafi