nesbert mukomberanwa

Nesbert was born in 1969 in Buhera, Zimbabwe. In 1987, Nesbert began to study sculpture with his uncle Nicholas Mukomberanwa, one of the most famous and internationally respected artists of the 'Shona sculpture' movement.
By 1989, Nesbert felt ready to begin working alone. He left his apprenticeship and established his own workshop at home in Chitungwiza. There he worked for nearly a decade, developing a distinctive style and gaining international recognition.
In 1998, Nesbert relocated to the tranquillity of the countryside, where he is finally free to concentrate fully on his art. He has created the 'Village Gallery' to display his work. Nesbert also shows works by selected Chitungwiza-based artists in his gallery and gardens.

Artwork by nesbert mukomberanwa